Be a SiiiDer

We believe that contributing to future and to new generation is a duty but also a great chance of improvement. Why be a siider? 

Enterpreneurs and managers 

You will have the chance to meet young, enterprising talents with whom you could build your company’s future. The comparison/debate/discuss with professionals who live and work abroad will expand your network and bring internationality to your experience.

New generation and University

You can establish new and important contacts with he territory’s economic institutions discovering new opportunities for your carreer and fiding resources for your enterpreneurial ideas. You could have the chance to focus your research in areas that could be useful for our territory and to enhance the connection between academic and industrial world.

 Siiiders living abroad could support you in fiding an useful abroad experience without cutting off/neglecting/leaving the connections with our territory’s reality.

Intelligent minds abroad

It will be the opportunity to reconnect with our business realities and to contribute to our territory’s development. It will be the first step to come up with a successful “comeback” strategy  and besides to maintain contacts. It will be created new cooperation opportunities with companies searching abroad coworkin/collaborator, furthermore you will always be aware of our territory’s innovations. 


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